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The Value of Learning for Arborists

Continuous Professional Development is an important part of the professional ensuring they are up to date with new ideas and thinking within the industry.  Attending seminars can be costly, and is often beyond the budget of many, especially those in the public sector, where the generous funds of the recent past are being squeezed.  It is therefore especially refreshing to see some of those in the private sector stepping up to the mark.

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A View From The Treehouse

This has been a slightly unusual week for me.  There have been seminars hosted by Professor Claus Mattheck and also by James Urban with his Up By Roots presentation, an event being co-ordinated with the ISA.  Yet I haven’t attended either.  It has been a case of unfortunate timing, as a prosecution I have assisted with came to court this week.  I was due to give evidence on Monday in a week-long trial, and needed to prioritise this.

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An Apology and Update

To my regular reader, apologies for the absence of a blog for a while.  I have been busy working on a complex and demanding planning application, of which maybe more later.  Also, in January, I was appointed as editor of the ISA (UK&I) TreeLine Magazine.  I have been busy, but enjoying myself, meeting various personalities within the industry and researching for articles.  More on that later.  I now have the fun of writing material and chasing possible contributors.

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