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Trees and People: More than one interaction

There is considerable focus, within arboriculture and beyond, on the importance of trees within our urban settings, and trying to ensure that they have sufficient space within developments to be successfully retained.  Having been involved in the planning process for the past decade and a half, I have encountered my fair share of planning applications.  Those prepared by more informed and enlightened professionals usually stand out as the needs of trees have been carefully considered.

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Let’s keep to the facts!

Like many tree care professionals, I am passionate about the wider environment and ecology.  I appreciate the battles to be faced retaining the treasures that we have.  There are those who see trees as an obstacle to development and an undeveloped meadow as an unfulfilled opportunity.  I disagree.  I don’t agree that ‘progress’ is automatically a good thing, to be embraced.  Where we have treasures, their often irreplaceable qualities need to be emphasised.  If something is not a treasure, we should recognise this.

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Westonbirt Arboretum, A Pioneering centre

On Saturday, I enjoyed a great day out at Westonbirt. I don’t get to go very often due to the distance from CAS towers. The weather was great, with that rare sight this autumn of clear blue skies ands warming sun. We perhaps expect places such as this to be a template of best practice, with perfect trees and everything in order. Given how our appreciation of best practice has changed in recent times, and the challenges of limited resources, there are some trees which would benefit from more work. I saw several specimens with crowded crowns in need of some restoring pruning. I am sure that Professor Ed Gilman would be in his element exploring the collection.

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