Monthly Archives: September 2015

ISA’S TRAQ: The Start of a Journey

This last week, for the first time, the Consulting Arborist Society ran two arborist training courses together, with the ISA’s TRAQ course being hosted by Kew Gardens whilst at Milton Keynes Council, my good friend Bob Widd was hosting CAS’s Tree Preservation Orders course.  The latter had been in the diary for some time, whilst the dates for TRAQ were chosen more recently in order to fit in with our hosts.  It has been an interesting few weeks bringing all of this together.

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Trees and Planning: The real reason for Britain not building?

The consensus is that we are not building enough homes in this country.  The planning system is often cited as the reason, with trees an occasional hurdle.  Those of us involved in the planning process can probably cite a range of cases where an applicant has faced what may be regarded as unreasonable challenges.  For me, in my adopted county of Herefordshire, the requirement to provide a Tree Protection Plan as a condition for an approved development and, down in Swansea, where a derelict site was being regenerated, the insistence on a Landscape Statement with the nearest trees being on neighbouring land are two applications I have commented on within the last year.

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